Male Grooming........................


Back Wax   £15*
Chest Wax £15

Combined back and chest £25

*blended into the t-shirt line

Underarm Wax £8

Eyebrow Grooming £6 (eyebrows are tidied & groomed to create a natural shape that enhance the face)

Arm wax - Full £15 / Forearm £10


Manicure £11

CND Spa Manicure £21

Pedicure £19

CND Marine Spa Pedicure  £27

Callus Peel (heels or balls of feet) £20

Callus Peel  (heels & balls of feet) £35

Hand & Arm Massage (10 mins) £5

Foot Therapy Treatment (30mins) £25 ( a hot towel cleanse followed by a deep pressure point massage to soothe & relax tired aching feet )


Deep Cleanse £23

Luxury Facial £31

CACI Hydratone Express Booster Facial £19

CACI Skin Rejuvenation £26

CACI Non - Surgical Eyelift £23 

CACI Non - Surgical Facial Toning £41

CACI Ultra Non-Surgical Facial Toning £70

CACI Skin Calm £40

CACI Deep Wrinkle Treatment £35

CACI Eye Revive £35

CACI treatments are non intrusive , no needles, no fillers. A combination of micro-currents, light therapy and ultra sonic waves are used in these highly effective treatments. 

Book now for your free CACI demo and see for yourself results are visibly noticeable after just one treatment


For an in-depth description of all ENVIRON  TREATMENTS  please look at the ENVIRON page


Deep Cleanse for the back £25 - much like a facial but for the back. This specialised treatment helps purify & restore the skin top reveal a clearer, fresher and smoother appearance.

CACI Back Rejuvenation £40 - dramatically improves the appearance of congested skin using a special skin peeling solution and ultra sonic waves to eliminate blocked pores and spots. Reduces any redness and improves circulation.


Spray Tan - 1/2 body £5

                      -Full Body £10

                     _ Rapide Tan £12 ( a quicker developing tan for those limited on time )


What should i wear when having a spray tan?

  Loose , dark clothing is best in case the tan rubs onto them. It does wash out though.

What do i wear for a back massage?

 You will be asked to remove your top. Trousers    remain on. 

Do I need to do anything to my skin after I have been waxed?

 No, we will remove any wax residue left on your  skin after the waxing with a specially formulated    remover that leaves skin soft and smooth.

How often do I need to wax?

 Normally every 4 - 6 weeks depending on your hair  growth. 

Is waxing painful?

 Waxing can be a little painful but we take steps to  ensure that it is as painless as possible. Some  Clients have been known to fall asleep during  waxing as they find it relaxing.

How do I look after my skin after a facial?

 Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated as most  facials include massage and encourage lymphatic  drainage and removal of toxins. We recommend a  facial scrub no more than twice a week and  moisturise daily with one that is suitable for your  skin type. Sun factor is also highly recommended.

Are CACI Treatments painful? what can I expect?

 No they are a very relaxing treatment. Many of our  Clients find it a time when they can just lie back  and relax. Varying handsets are used to apply  pressure and slight pinching to the skin and  muscles whilst conducting micro currents to firm,  lift and tone the skin and muscles.